afropunk atlanta: carnival of consciousness – politics of style (part 1)

October 31, 2017

AFROPUNK brings out the best of the community in terms of togetherness, resistance, and the shared love of punk-rock and black artists. At each of our four stops, in London, Paris, Brooklyn, and Atlanta, this year we met some incredibly inspiring members of the community and loved seeing how all of you express yourselves, your identities, and your defiance of expectations through fashion.

And with Politics of Style, we want to tell your stories.

Johannesburg—get ready for us, Dec. 30-31.

Zalika U. Ibaorimi

Age: 25

“I found God in me… and I loved her and my ancestors fiercely.”


Marisol “Imani” Rodriquez

Who inspires your aesthetic?

Diana Varies I can relate so much to her. Not only do we look alike[laughing], her work and confidence gives me mental and emotional comfort.”


Blake Diiamond

Words to live by

“Sometimes you just wake up and realize that everything is everything.”


Demanti O’Bryant

North Augusta, SC.

“I’m heavily inspired by fantasy. Drawing from all cultures and diverse beauty (Anime, Mythology/Literature, and fashion of various eras).”


Vashanty Fossett

Describe your aesthetic:

“I wear my heart of my limbs and call it fashion, namaste.”


Elyssa Nicole

Cape Town

“Inspired by Black liberation.”


Raiven Warren

New Orleans, LA.

“Things that are alternative and unique are what inspires my style. I love seeing things in style that aren’t seen anywhere else.”

All videos by director / photographer @ousmansahko