video premiere: celebrate your ride-or-dies with this old-school r&b jam by s4u, “friends”

September 29, 2017
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Comprised of Rosita Bonita & Prinz George, London-based S4U’s groovy throwback sound is a blessing to lovers of old-school R&B, and their latest single is no different. “Friends”, a laid-back anthem celebrating the people who hold you down, is infectious enough on its own, but the song’s new video presented by NTS Radio will make sure you can’t get enough. Featuring appearances from the duo’s real life friends, the retro visuals paired with a track reminiscent of TLC and SWV is a wondrous time-hop to the greatest days of the 90s.

“From school halls to studios to Tottenham chicken shops to afterparties to preparties to backstage to on stage from sunset to sunrise, Friends is our new visual documenting ourselves and our incredibly talented and beautiful group of friends,” the band explains. “Watch out for the snakes.”

Check it out above!

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