Sandra Nkaké

Tangerine Moon Wishes

alternative pop

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celebrate self-care on the stunning indie pop gem ‘tangerine moon wishes’ by sandra nkaké

September 15, 2017
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“I don’t know where the light is / I don’t know where the sun is / But I know that I got fire in me”

AFROPUNK Paris alum Sandra Nkaké avoids easy answers on her latest album Tangerine Moon Wishes. Drowning in feedback and noise, the album switches from a driving call to see the beauty and strength in yourself to questioning to a plaintive search for meaning before you’ve even had time to take it all in.

Her songs are propulsive and uplifting and heartwrenching and contemplative often all at the same time. There’s an indescribable beauty here, and an unquenchable longing.

From “The Dawn” to “The Dusk,” Sandra Nkaké creates a hushed sustained intensity. The fire she lights on Tangerine Moon Wishes burns slowly but fiercely. Songs like “The Last Journey” build from a delicate a capella to an intense wall of feedback and percussion. Soaring over it all is Jî Drû’s stunning flute; moaning out ancient pleas for peace and freedom.

While songs like “Dreaming” and “Hope” are invitations to self care, the driving passion in “Change” and “Maybe” seem to clarify the message. If we can see the fire in ourselves, it can catch the world over.

Tangerine Moon Wishes is not a record to put on in the background. It’s something to create space for. Take time with. Contemplate. Breathe. And really truly listen.