Alxndr London


Experimental | Electric Soul



sail away on electro-soul artist alxndr london ethereal ep ‘today’

September 27, 2017
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Kalimbas collide with jazz piano, electric percussion, beneath and ethereal ambiance before Alxndr London’s haunting tenor comes into focus. London’s music takes pieces of sound from across the African Diaspora and melds them into something beautiful, soulful, and deeply original on his latest EP Today. Highlights like “Kraken” and “Circus Of Mermaids” imagine dreams of oceans and mythical beasts. The production is dreamlike and magical; if Mermaids exist, this is probably the music they make while Krakens dance in the distance. “April” keeps the production grounded in the now with glitched out percussion and modern synths bursting out of the mythological seashore. Alxndr London’s latest EP is a dream half-remembered of a place that may never have existed, but somehow you can’t stop thinking about it.