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premiere: new york-based soul singer sterling rhyne captivates in feel-good anthem, “remedy”

September 7, 2017
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When singer-songwriter Sterling Rhyne left her small-town Texas life for the bustling city of New York, the transition was one of hope and good vibes. This energy is reflected in the artist’s debut single, “Remedy”, which Rhyne claims came to her in a dream:

“‘Remedy’ is the first song I wrote when I moved to New York. Sometimes an amazing phenomenon happens where I will write a song in my dream,” Rhyne explained. “‘Remedy’ was one of those songs. I woke up around 8AM, and had the melody still in my head.”

That morning, she made a demo of “Remedy” with just her guitar and voice.

“I sat down and wrote the lyrics, chords, and melody all in one sitting which was very satisfying,” Rhyne continued. “‘Remedy’ is a song about persevering towards the path of doing what you love and are meant to do.”

Rhyne, who also self-produced the track, combined a vintage drum machine with a live drummer, spacey guitar lines, and synth pads to create a “daydream atmosphere.” This ethereal ambiance alongside a Motown-inspired electric bass makes up Rhyne’s distinctive sound.

Take a listen to the captivating track below!

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