local elections are arguably more important than national ones, will you be voting?

September 12, 2017

New York!— Today is your last chance to vote in the New York City  primary election, which includes the races for the offices of mayor, Brooklyn District Attorney, the public advocate, and numerous other City Council seats.

The mayoral primary race will determine if Democratic front-runner and incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio will advance to the general election where he would run against the uncontested Republican candidate, state representative Nicole Malliotakis.

Friendly reminder: participating in local elections —as voters and as candidates—is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enact positive change in your communities and to take on the unique issues that it faces. The issues and policies that affect you daily and those of which you care most about.

While it’s too late to register to vote in this primary race, New Yorkers can still register for the Nov. 7 general election until October 13.

Not sure where to vote today? Find your polling place, here. Polls are open until 9 pm tonight.

As a voter, you have rights. Know yours


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