a new doll with albinism is a fab addition to this black-owned brand’s collection

September 14, 2017
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September is Albinism Awareness Month in South Africa, and resident artist Mala Bryan has taken the month’s call to action to heart. Bryan, who is a model and creator of the natural hair doll line Malaville, just introduced a new doll with albinism, Alexa, to combat misconceptions around albinism and violence against people who have it.

“Alexa is very important because all children need dolls that they can relate to,” Bryan told The Huffington Post. “But she is very important to me because I believe she can help create an awareness for people with albinism. There is so much that is going on in the world when it comes to people with albinism and it is now time for those who don’t know to get to know.”

In many places around the world, misconceptions about albinism can lead to the murder and rape of people living with it, due to superstitions that they can be used for witchcraft or to cure AIDS.

“I hope that parents are able to teach their children the truth about albinism and maybe some of them can also learn new things about persons with albinism themselves,” Bryan continued. “Teaching children from an early age will help change the views of a new generation for the better; they will then treat people with albinism as equals.”

According to The Huffington Post, Alexa will be available this month, alongside the other natural-haired Afro-Caribbean-inspired dolls of Malaville. Check out some of our favorites below!