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lena waithe to host q&a at moma’s ‘black intimacy’ film series

September 27, 2017
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If you’re in New York sometime during Oct. 3-16, you’ll definitely want to explore MoMA’s upcoming ‘Black Intimacy’ film series. A vivid collection of cinematic portrayals of black familial, romantic, queer, and platonic relationships that highlight how black relationships have been interpreted onscreen and how filmmakers reconcile the political realities embedded in these’s stories and their context in history.

The exhibition explores a kaleidoscope of themes related to black intimacy, intimacy in the romantic sense told through very different ‘types’ of black love as seen in films like Claudine (1974, John Berry), A Warm December (1973, Sidney Poitier), and The Inkwell (1994, Matty Rich). Other films, like Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep (1977) focus of the black man’s struggle with identity while one’s like Losing Ground (1982, Kathleen Collins) explore the how black women are treated as love interests.

While vulnerability and queer black love are examined in Looking for Langston (1989, Isaac Julien) and The Watermelon Woman (1969, Cheryl Dunye). “Master of None” writer Lena Waithe’s Emmy-winning coming out episode “Thanksgiving” will be shown before The Watermelon Woman on Oct. 10, followed by a Q&A with Waithe.

To learn more about show times and the other excellent films that will be shown during this series, here.