london reviewing ‘risk assessment’ form accused of unfairly targeting black artists’ shows

September 22, 2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is calling for a review of a risk assessment form for live music events after some artists are saying it unfairly targets artists of color. “Form 696” is supposedly used to help security and police prevent crimes by asking for the names and contact details of all artists and promoters.

But rapper P Money says had a gig canceled because of information on the form he called a “race thing.”

“We know they’re just trying to shut down grime, because if it was anything else they wouldn’t have this issue,” he told BBC. “If, for example, Ed Sheeran had a show and a fight broke out, he’s not going to do a 696 on his next arena tour.”


DJ and Producer Kwame Safo AKA Funk Butcher agreed. “Form 696 has always felt punitive for certain parts of the capital’s music community,” he told The Standard. “This discussion will be a step in the right direction to redressing the grievances.”

Culture minister Matt Hancock called the form’s targeting of people of color an “injustice,” and told the paper: “London’s live music scene needs support. We want to see an end to the use of form 696 which is too often a barrier to live music, and particularly targets acts from ethnic minority backgrounds.”

The Mayor warned that the “assessment shouldn’t compromise the capital’s vibrant grassroots music industry or unfairly target one community or music genre,” and assured that the Met is reviewing their Form 696 process.”