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kendall jenner on pepsi ad: “feels like my life is over” – go tell that to families who actually lost someone to police brutality

September 7, 2017
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After reality star-turned-model from the family of reality stars-turned-models Kendall Jenner took part in a mind-numbingly offensive Pepsi ad earlier this year minimizing Black Lives Matter protests, she was predictably bombarded with the disdain of anyone with a bit of sense.

Reaction to the commercial, which was pulled by Pepsi just a day after it was released, caused Jenner to go into relative hiding, and she has not spoken out since.

But a new trailer for the upcoming 14th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (which has also seemingly been pulled from YouTube) shows that the moment was far from forgotten. In the promo clip, Jenner cries after the backlash, “It feels like my life is over!” to which her sister Kim Kardashian, replies, “You made a mistake!” according to The Huffington Post.

White women are experts at making themselves the victim even after they did something wrong. Which is why after the ad controversy, Pepsi weirdly apologized to Jenner rather than to the Black people who were offended by the commercial in the first place.

Meanwhile, Trump just authorized the police to get free military gear to even more effectively kill Black people.

For some reason, I can’t manage any sympathy for Jenner’s life being “over.”


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