Amp Fiddler

Return of the Ghetto Fly

Funk | Hip-Hop | Electric Soul

Amp Fiddler


iconic funk producer/songwriter amp fiddler returns with j dilla-produced groove, “return of the ghetto fly”

September 8, 2017
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Amp Fiddler has always been one of those artists other artists listen to and ask: “hold up, how the fuck did he do that?” Though he didn’t drop his first solo record until 2004’s cult classic Waltz of a Ghetto Fly, Fiddler had already changed music history 10 times over. Starting as the keyboardist in P-Funk in 1983, Amp spent a decade exploring the squeals and squiggles synth manufacturers didn’t intend, before he unleashed his prodigy into the world: the late great J Dilla. Amp Fiddler introduced Dilla to the MPC sampler and mentored him in sampling techniques and producing. So it’s fitting that on Amp’s newest album, he’d bring the whole family back together for the first single.



J Dilla reportedly gifted Amp the beat after Amp found a zip disk Dilla lost. Given how thoroughly mined Dilla’s tapes have been over the years in search of any last traces of genius, it’s exhilarating to hear something new. Especially in this match-up between mentor and protegee. The song announces Amp Fiddler’s return to form, calling back to Waltz, but brings in new collaborators and new sounds. It’s the best mix of old and new. Dilla would be proud.