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If you feel threatened by people protesting racism, you may very well be a f*cking racist ;)

September 28, 2017
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White people don’t like any type of protestation against racism.

And “it’s not because [they’re] racist.” They just don’t want to see, hear, or be aware of racial inequality at any point of their white lives.

Like slaves who ate the leftover scraps of meals, we’re supposed to be grateful. To them, people like women of Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick are ungrateful n*ggers.

And so the rage we’ve seen this week over white people choosing to believe that #TakeAKnee has anything to do with “disrespecting” to the “flag” and the “military”. Even though since the very beginning, it’s extremely clear that Kap is/was protesting police brutality, specifically. And not America in general. Still, the minds of white people hear “police brutality” and seemingly translate it to mean “flag and country”. This is a very telling problem, you see. Because what’s absence from white people’s belligerent need to silence others, is any interest in addressing police violence; even if it makes America a better, safer place for more Americans. White people don’t want that. White people don’t care if certain American’s are more vulnerable to discrimination that can result in their deaths.

They don’t care about improving society in a way that makes the sacrifices of military men and women worthwhile. And they don’t take seriously the notion of “freedom” when those trying to fight for theirs are called “sons of bitches” and threatened.

White people only care about the illusion of an America worth being proud of. They’re not interested in creating one. And if they are, it’s only a version that they can be proud of. And the only time it becomes a problem is when we take away that illusion