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Donald Glover starts ‘Atlanta’ season 2 filming, casting ‘trashy white characters’ :D

September 28, 2017
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Season 2 of FX’s Atlanta is now in production! Sneaky Atlanta Magazine caught signage for the show’s production crew around Mechanicsville last week, alluding to some shooting taking place in an office building in East Point. This week, it looks like they’re keeping it trill at Southlake Mall in Morrow.

Some fun casting news, too. According to this casting notice, the show is looking for a whole grip of trashy looking rednecks and white folks to portray Floridians and ‘ ‘charactery white trash’. They’re also looking for other roles for actors of all ethnicities—check it out, see if there’s something for you.

Production signage around town is reported to be “MiniM” if you happen to see one and want to fangirl.