black student attacked at cornell u in alleged hate crime by white frat members

September 20, 2017
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Cornell University students are growing concerned after a possible hate crime took place on their campus just a few weeks after the start of the 2017-18 school year.

The incident? A black junior at Cornell (who wishes to remain anonymous) claims that he was called the “N-word” while walking in Collegetown when the vicious catcall turned into an unwanted altercation which landed the black student in the hospital.

Speaking with student publication the Cornell Sun, the student reccounted the events of the night:

“The junior told The Sun that he was walking home on Eddy Street in Collegetown around 1 a.m. on Friday when he attempted to break up a fight in the front yard of his residence. The student said he saw several people who do not live at his residence shoving his friends, and he shouted at them to leave the property

As a group of four or five white men began to leave the driveway area of the student’s residence, the student said, they repeatedly shouted expletives and racial slurs at him.

“They said ‘Fuck you, nigger,’ over and over, as they were leaving,” he said.

When the junior confronted them, “four or five of the guys came up and started punching me in the face repeatedly,” he said.

“I was pretty bloodied up.””

Another student also spoke anonymously with the Cornell Sun who he told that he was also on the receiving end of racial sluts about an hour later on the same night as the inciting incident.

In a horrifying video obtained by the Cornell Sun, two students can be seen harassing another (unseen) student with racial slurs and other incitement of violence:

While the event is still under investigation by local police, the Black Students United at Cornell University “said in a statement that the people shouting the racial slurs were members of the Chi Chapter of Psi Upsilon.”

A chapter that happened to have its recognition revoked by Cornell in May of 2016 when the former president of Psi Upsilon, Wolfgang Ballinger ’17, pleaded guilty in February to forcible touching and was sentenced to probation.

“A young, hopeful black man was robbed of his dignity, safety, and identity,” Black Students United said in a statement last Friday morning.



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