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beware of ‘the gay agenda’! 5 queer/trans/poc movies that will piss off the hoteps

September 28, 2017
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So-called “hoteps” and homophobes alike lose their shit every time homosexuality is mentioned. They cry “Gay Agenda”! So we figured we’d share this handy list of Queer/Trans/PoC movies. 🙂 It’s such a beautiful thing to see more black and brown queer representation in film. We saw it last year with Moonlight, and now there’s a new group of films following in it’s footsteps. Here are five upcoming movies to look out for featuring QTPoC.

The Wound

The Wound premiered at Sundance and is the directorial debut of NYU Tisch grad, John Trengove. The film follows a young gay South African named Kwanda who struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality on a journey to a ritualistic rite of passage called Ulwaluko (a kind of circumcision). This movie is so controversial in it’s home place of South Africa that that Congress of Traditional Leaders have called for national ban on the film.

America in Transition

America in Transition. Now this movie is especially special in that it’s entire production is being made possible by 410 supporters after a notably successful Kickstarter campaign. The documentary of sorts will follow the families, communities and social issues of trans people of color across the United States.

Close Knit (Karera ga honki de amu toki wa)

The Japanese film, directed by Naoko Ogigami, premiered in Berlin and is expected to do fairly well internationally. The plot plays out through the eyes of a young girl neglected by her former family and later taken in by a transgender woman who becomes a mother figure to her. It’s heartwarming message emphasizes the need for trans people to be seen in all their complexity.

More than T

The documentary More Than T premiered during Pride Month on Showtime and is meant to highlight stories about transgender and gender non conforming people.

The Misandrists

The Misandrists, a movie as subversive as it sounds follows a group of queer feminists on their journey to rule over men in Germany.


Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden challenges the usually religious context of the term in a powerful way— by making this film about a young, black lesbian. And not just any lesbian, a homeless lesbian played by Anyanwu Uwa, who’s father kicks her out after claiming she is an abomination to the family.

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