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afro-brazilian designer’s black power protest/fashion show shakes up são paulo fw

September 8, 2017
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Last week in São Paulo, Cemfreio designer Victor Apolinário brought 16 models together for a new type of fashion show, one that is based upon “self-knowledge methodologies.” Curated by journalist Jackson Araujo and sponsored by the cosmetics brand Natura, the show was a protest of the pervasive whiteness in the fashion industry.

“[We were protesting] against all the images based on white European beauty,” Apolinário told AFROPUNK. “Brazil’s fashion industry is based on copy and paste”

In the confrontational performance featuring African ideograms and intermittent blowing sounds, the clothing became secondary, and the resistance demonstrated by the models themselves became the feature.

“The question that tears us apart from ourselves is the one that brings us closer to our own truths. Recognition and belonging are the basis for the redetermination of social codes,” says Apolinário.  “The future of the industry is the people, and how these people understand the environment and its heredity,” he concludes.

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