wtf: this cop pointed a gun at an unarmed black man for 9 minutes for no good reason

August 7, 2017
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At the end of July, another routine traffic stop turned aggressive when a Campbell Police officer fixed his a gun on a passenger for more than 9 minutes. Having pulled the vehicle over for speeding down the 101 freeway and asking for the driver’s license and other paperwork, the officer walked back to his motorcycle to write a citation. What happened next is unclear. But what was captured on video by the female driver in the car was the police officer pointing his weapon at another passenger who tries to explain that he was looking for the requested paperwork under the seat.

In the nine-minute video posted on Facebook, the passenger called “Feo Mas” can be heard addressing the officer with incredulity “Wow,” he said. “We’re looking for the f*cking paperwork, bro. Oh my God.”

“I understand that,” the officer replies. “Don’t move, all right?” The officer continues to hold his weapon on the passenger while waiting for back up.

The Campbell police said in a statement, “It is not clear why the passenger chose to reach under the seat since the officer was not requesting any other paperwork,” the man in the passenger seat (seen in the video) can be heard several times explaining what he was doing and the police responded in the affirmative. He didn’t ask, “what paperwork”.

“We understand that it is never a comfortable position to have a gun pointed at you, regardless of whether it is a police officer,” police said. Except, police are ready to shoot you long before they even see a gun—which aren’t illegal to have— as demonstrated in this video. Just the suggestion or paranoia of a civilian with a gun gets you killed. Bleeding to death for no reason is little more than uncomfortable, I imagine. And so is the trauma of those moments where I black person fears they are the next hashtag.