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white feminists attack carnival culture, criticize john boyega for wining at notting hill

August 31, 2017
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White feminists continue to embarrass themselves.

After Star Wars actor John Boyega posted a video of him grinding with a woman at a Caribbean celebration in London last weekend, feministas of the alabaster complexion and other haters alike rushed to denounce his actions as “demeaning” to women, and the controversy went viral.

Of course, as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, this type of dance has a name — “‘wining’ (sometimes spelled ‘whining’) — as well as a rich tradition, having originated in the 18th century ‘Jamette carnivals’ of Trinidad and Tobago. ‘Jamette’ comes from the French word ‘diametre,’ which referred to the class of people below ‘the diameter of respectability’ who attended them; ‘wining’ got its name from the winding motion required of the hips while performing the dance.”

The footage was taken at the annual Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of that history, and the 25-year-old actor originally posted it to his Instagram account. The Reporter notes that “the event is Europe’s largest street festival, a parade and celebration honoring London’s Caribbean communities and traditions, held every late summer since 1964.”

But because white history doesn’t include other cultures, white feminists think anything that might be demeaning to those-who-have-never-learned-to-wine-nor-have-the-hips-to-do-so is demeaning to all women. For white feminists, white women represent every woman, which is why they can go into other cultures and demand women take off their religious garb, among other colonizing things they done in the name of womanhood.

This is why intersectionality can’t wait.