watch khalid cover sza’s “love galore” & “weekend” in beautiful acoustic mashup

August 16, 2017
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All hail, queen SZA! So says “Location” singer Khalid, whose mash-up of the AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017 performer’s “Love Galore” and “Weekend” is making waves on Twitter. As many have pointed out, the two songs both tell the story of a singer dealing with a man who has another woman, but in “Love Galore” he still has the singer “looking forward to weekends,” so putting the two tracks together only makes since. In Khalid’s version, the Georgia crooner does so masterfully alongside just a solitary guitarist, in what seems to be a freestyled mix.

Both artists are changing the landscape of the RnB genre in their own right, so it’s refreshing to hear their distinctive sounds coming together. One can only hope that a more official collaboration is in the works for the near future!

Check out the video of the mash-up below: