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video premiere: london rapper louis vi releases potent visual journey “lonely road of the dreamer”

August 8, 2017
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London-based rapper/producer Louis VI is further claiming his up-and-coming status with the release of his latest project “Lonely road of the Dreamer”.

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, the 6-minute offering is a beautifully metaphorical journey; capturing all the angst, recklessness, and perspective that accompanies the consciousness of an artist on the road to fulfillment. Traveling from euphoria to solemnity and every emotion in between, Louis–in collaboration with Cape Flats Creative Director Alfonzo Franke– features standout tracks “Please be there” and “Freeparking” from his latest EP, also titled “Lonely road of the Dreamer”. This project is more than a music video though, the imagery and pace of each frame tells a story all of its own, adjacent to the lyrics.

The lyrics are a summary of the rapper/producer’s life to that point and the darkness interjected with glimmers of light […]shows frustration coupled with hope & determination which lifts into defiant rebellion of three friends […]”

An artists’ journey disguised as a wild night drive, “Lonely road of the Dreamer” is a self-proclaimed “ cinematic expression of endurance”, illuminating the discomfort of risk, yet redemptively foreshadowing success. As beautiful as it is reflective, the accompanying soundtrack sets the tone and carries it through.

This is a project to be praised–translating emotions every artist knows and every process needs.

Check out Louis VI and Alfonzo Franke’s “Lonely road of the Dreamer” now!