DEMO 2017

Punk | Hardcore

La Vida Es Un Mus


uk punk band nekra’s 5 song demo is fierce and raw feminist hardcore

August 1, 2017
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When a band quotes bell hooks and describes their songs as being about “Gringos, people sucking the life out of you, Terry Richardson… you, know the usual stuff that brings a brown girl down” you know you’re in for some real shit. Nekra’s 5 song demo is stripped back tight hardcore that takes no prisoners and has no time for bullshit. Lead singer Spooky has that kind of raw passionate voice that legends are made of, particularly on standout “Expatriate.” Make no mistake: this time next year Nekra is going to be tearing walls down and headlining shit. Check out their demo on the band’s bandcamp.
DEMO 2017 by NEKRA