this twitter account is identifying the charlottesville racists and getting them fired

August 14, 2017
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Lookout racists, we’re really coming for your jobs now!

The latest Twitter craze is payback, payback, payback–and this one has never been sweeter as participants work to identify the Charlottesville radicals of last Saturday’s nationalist riots. Sifting through the faces of captured images; from the torch bearing students, to proud Neo-Nazis hailing Trump, the images are spreading and so are their identities.

Thanks to Twitter activist @YesYoureRacist, a campaign called “GoodNightAltRight” is underway, exposing racist rioters, working to alert their jobs and schools in the hopes of greater consequence.

With an overall goal of  “scouring the underbelly of Twitter to expose people who say they’re not racist, and then go on to prove otherwise,” @YesYoureRacist is issuing the ultimate price to the torch-bearing white men.

Many of the identified men have already been publicly shamed, with the first man exposed, Cole White, being fired from his job at Berkeley’s Top Dog.

This is perfect: they want to be bold, then we have to be bolder. They want their country back, now they need their jobs back too. Counter-protests happen in all forms, and weapons can only get you so far; once the media catches fire, there’s no use trying to extinguish.



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