togo-based metal band arka’n meld genre and tradition for ultimate listening experience

August 18, 2017
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In this age of hyphenated identity and multi-talent careers comes an all-out revelation in African Metal band ARKA’N.

The Togo-based collective brings fusion to the next level as they masterfully blend the sounds and tempo of their roots with a upbeat intensity of a counter genre.

With each track sprinkled with their chosen influence, audiences are invited into ARKA’N’s world of boundary-defying artistry and entertainment.

All of your senses are fed, as their tracks include touches of rap, metal, and rock, all under the umbrella of traditional flare. Their music, gifted with a thrilling alternation of earthy textures and fierce force, induces both thrashing and swaying–a harmonious combination to leave any listener buzzing with excitement and anticipation for more.

A reward to the senses, and a thrilling addition to the genre, ARKA’N is a force to be reckoned with–check them out in action below!