'Eat The Monster'


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premiere: punk rockers rebelmatic rage on their listenable as hell ep ‘eat the monster’

August 17, 2017
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Step into the garage of AFROPUNK performers Rebelmatic on their latest EP Eat The Monster. Listenable as hell, Eat The Monster is a collection of anthemic gems that opens with the in-your-face British punk vibes of “Blood N Gold” and closes with the brilliant politically charged “Please Don’t Shoot”.

As for the EP’s title, bandleader Siddiq Booker (known in NYC music circles as Creature) credits his five-year-old son for the playful name. “One night he said, “Daddy, there’s a monster!” I tried to comfort him, and told him, “There’s no monster.” and he said, “Yes. We got to eat the monster!”

Eat The Monster by Rebelmatic