premiere: new york hip-hop artist kamau kenyatte reinvents trap music in dark ep “zombie”

August 31, 2017
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“We are all addicted to something that takes away the pain.”

This is the popular anonymously attributed quote that greets you when you enter rapper Kamau Kenyatte’s website, and it is somehow the perfect descriptor of the artist’s groundbreaking new EP, ZOMBIE. You might say the musician uses his music to combat his own pain, with tracks like “CURRENT SITUATION :(” tackling the violence that causes people waste away in hoods like where he grew up (All my old friends / now they look like zombies), and taking on the death of his 13-year-old cousin.

As Kamau emerges from the New York underground hip-hop scene, his bold approach to such honest personal narratives through a distinct take on trap music has made him one to watch even outside of the city. Already known for dynamic and high-energy live performances, one can only imagine how performances of ZOMBIE tracks like “EXTENDO (ft. Moon)” will give them a whole new life, and spread the artist’s already bright light even farther.

“I wanted to express myself on a more personal level and share more insight about my life and who I am,” Kamau told AFROPUNK. “I am an artist who also loves performing live and I wanted to create music I could turn up to live. This project is really about to taking people on a journey and giving them a different experience on each song and providing a little peek into my artsy and creative side. I’d also say that I wanted to do create something that spoke directly to the people I was friends with and that I hang with on the NY nightlife scene.”

Check out the dynamic EP below!

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