premiere: neo-soul duo the steoples turn poetry into music with genre-bending debut lp “six rocks”

August 11, 2017
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August seems to be the month for new projects, as LA-based electro-soul duo The Steoples gear up with the release of their debut full-length Six Rocks–releasing on Stones Throw today!

Following their first acclaimed  single “From the Otherside“, the poetic duo are in collaboration with producer Gifted + Blessed and Race of Angels vocalist Yeofi, offering audiences a complete package. Both captivating and provocative in melody and lyric, this latest project is a fulfilling listening experience.

The group is gifting listeners with a sneak peak following the early drop of standout track “Roles“, a haunting musical journey of love lost and restrictions of pattern. As solemn as it entrancing, and reminiscent of an early Radiohead, the track starts with a bang and takes musical lefts and rights leaving the listener reflective and connected.

Overall, Six Rocks is an 11-track package packed to the brim with emotion and poetry, all over a variation of smooth beats and complex production. Audiences are wrapped up, and they don’t even know why. The draw is inexplicable–curating a “boundless”, genre-free sound, The Steoples are solidifying their style in this latest LP, and we couldn’t be more here for it!

Stream their sneak peak “Roles” now, and check out their debut full-length Six Rocks below!