Take This The Wrong Way




pop-punk act babygotbacktalk changes up the formula on the unexpected ‘take this the wrong way’

August 8, 2017
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Maybe it was always this way, but it seems like over the past decade or so the pop punk scene has become less a scene than an endless series of increasingly problematic pop culture references. (“Defend pop punk?” …do I have to?) As NYC’s babygotbacktalk proves though, that doesn’t have to be the way. Anchored by the fantastic “Historically White College,” the band’s latest EP Take This The Wrong Way mixes an earnest sentimentality and poignant social criticism, with biting humor and infectious hooks. Though many songs follow a pretty classic pop punk set up, the addition of violinist Rhiana Hernandez adds a unique flavor beneath G’Ra Asim’s guitar lines and clever lyrics. Definitely, check these punks out.

Take This The Wrong Way by babygotbacktalk