photos series: black people in the face of white supremacy in america

August 14, 2017
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In the wake of the explosion that is race relations in the United States, the divide between systemic White tyranny and Black resistance grows wider and stronger. It’s becoming more and more difficult to bridge the gap between right and wrong–given our lack of governmental example and national unity–so much of the information gathered from both sides is through the media.

Through images, videos, tweets, and newscasts, opinions are solidified and fear is instilled; so it is that protests must take the same form. The Black agenda of preservation and pride must ease itself to the surface frame by frame–and with various photo series, video projects, and newscasts of their own, Black people can take back their experience, translating all the rage and spirit at the root of the movement.

Using a mixture of real life imagery and surrealist interpretation, these photos transcend the bounds of interaction, simply saying what they need to say without fear of rebuttal. From artistic photographers, to documentarians, every image is important: the message is clear, and the catharsis is tangible.

It is clear we’ve had enough, and whether in person or printed on canvas, black artists and activists everywhere are saying “No More.”

Check out some of the riveting protest photography below.

Kristoff Brown by Roseography
Jonathan Bachman
Todd Robertson, 1992
via @Deadlyfemme
Tyler Shields
Anthony S. Karen