photographer vinicius terranova captures the freedom in ritual with his latest series

August 1, 2017
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This latest series from photographer Vinicius Terranova is as spell-binding as it is accessible and informative; as the emotions of the images defy the bounds of language and shoot straight for the soul.

This is no exaggeration–and while the São Paulo-based artist makes it his goal to dispel the widespread misconceptions of ritual and ancestry, viewers everywhere are granted an up-close and personal depiction of true honoring in “OXUM – The inside River”. In his own words:

“When african cultures are addressed in ocidental debates a socio-political barrier is usually present, inherited from the european colonialism, which fossilizes african art, beauty and languages as something primitive and always related to essentially tribal queries.”

Honoring the Orixá Oxum (Oshun, river goddess), Terranova’s dynamic visual journey–teaming up with stylist/activist Suyane Ynaya, featuring model Neema Githere–illuminates the necessary dependence on our ancestors while providing a contemporary spin on ancient practices.

Though the images are still, the series is a fast-paced homage to freedom–standing as both an invitation to ritual and a glimpse at the joy of solitude. It’s ritualistic air and focus on nature only concretes the beauty of our roots, and allows for an emotionally raw viewing experience.

The message is tangible, and another stunning chapter of a long conversation.

Check out some standouts from Vinicius Terranova’s “OXUM – The inside River” below!