"Ill Together"

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new york post-hardcore legends burn return with the first single off new album, “ill together”

August 2, 2017
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If you’re not already a Burn obsessive, I’m not really sure how to talk to you. The long-running band, fronted by Orange 9mm’s Chaka Malik, pretty much wrote the book on post-hardcore. Since getting together in 1989, they’ve released a handful EPs; each of them essential. Despite being a going concern on and off for 28 years, the band has communicated exclusively in EPs and blistering live shows. Not anymore.

Their “debut” full length (I don’t even know what that phrase even means when we’re talking about a band this influential, but whatever) drops this fall. The first taste off Do Or Die is the single “Ill Together” and it is everything you could possibly hope for from a Burn track produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. Beneath the band’s bombast is an emotional vulnerability to the lyrics that calls back to the glory days of post-hardcore. It’s the rare band that 28 years in can create something that belongs on equal footing with their early releases, but then Burn has never been like other bands.

Do Or Die drops September 8th via Deathwish. Pre-order it, here.

And check them out at AFROPUNK Fest 2017 in Brooklyn.