new york band unlocking the truth take the fashion world by storm in helmut lang campaign

August 2, 2017
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What started out as a group of pre-teens rocking out has now inched towards an empire in the making. The members of rock band Unlocking the Truth are making moves as features in the latest Helmut Lang campaign by Ethan James Green.

The AFROPUNK alums–set to perform at this year’s upcoming August fest–first took the stage at the 2013 Battle of the Bands and were the youngest act to win. Now, the boys are growing up and spreading their wings into another art, the art of fashion.

The fashion and music worlds have always more or less been intertwined, and in this age of entrepreneurship and multi-faceted careers, Unlocking the Truth are on the right track.

Blessing the already inclusive campaign with a heavy metal flavor, this Helmut Lang series is arguably the most strikingly organic one to date.

Check out the undercover models at work some of Helmut Lang’s new campaign below, and don’t forget to catch the boys at AP Brooklyn later this month!