metalcore band tetrarch roar onto the scene with latest track “freak”

August 9, 2017
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The latest explosive track “Freak” from Metalcore band Tetrarch gives you the ultimate permission to wild out. Bursting into the rock scene with a sneak peak of their debut album: also titled “Freak”–set to drop September 29th–the ATL-bred/LA-based collective tempt audiences with a melodic spin on a traditional sound.

The track itself is as theatrical as it is raging, with a cadenced intro bleeding into an all-out thrash, and a roaring consistency taking the listener on a cyclone of rhythm and vocals. Audiences are left gasping for air, ready to mosh again.

The metal scene is diversifying; traveling through various ages, ethnicities, and cultures–and as the tangible influences reshape the style, the definition of a “metal band” takes a whole new meaning.

“Freak”, along with other preview track “Break the Trend“, are just the introduction this group deserves, as their modern take on metal is an imminent preview of the genre’s trajectory.

Stay tuned for Tetrarch‘s upcoming album “Freak”, and listen to their sneak peek below!