lady gaga asks black people how white people can end racism… :d

August 18, 2017
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Well intentioned, but a very misguided Lady Gaga went on Twitter to solicit advice from black people about how “the non-racist white community” (?!) can solve racism. As if Black people are sitting on a solution and we’re just waiting for a white woman to ask us for it. Solving racism is a problem for white people. The problem isn’t that she wants to do better. The problem is that white people always expect POC to do the heavy lifting for them.

White supremacy, the system of racism white people created and the only system capable of systematic racial oppression, is white people’s Frankenstein.

But it probably starts with not writing songs that describe people as being “Orient made”?

Unpacking the real fundamentals of anti-black racism is hard and emotionally draining. Time, effort, and energy. And well-intentioned “white allies” like Gaga spend too much time believing that this work belongs to POC and that it’s is our job to educate them. We get a PhD in white supremacy and they come to one lecture.

So, to answer her question: do the work and figure it out yourself.


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