kelela praises carefree love in latest single “lmk”

August 1, 2017
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Kelela is back and bringing the heat with her latest single “LMK”!

This 4 minute ode to carefree love is the antidote to end-of -summer blues, and a pressure-releasing anthem for any relationship or roman tic apprehension.

As the song opens with enticingly layered vocals and a rhythmic backtrack, listeners are invited to ride the waves if her voice as the track melds over a sway-inducing melody. The AFROPUNK alum excites and entrances with this latest late-night fusion of pop-electro-funk, and her familiar RnB vocals and scale-defying notes give the song a nostalgic, yet innovative, vibe.

Using “LMK” as a sneak peak to her upcoming full-length Take Me Apart–set to drop Oct. 6th., Kelela knows just how to coax her audiences, giving them a little taste and leaving them wanting more. A true artist of her time, this exclusive track reminds us “it ain’t that deep either way”.

Look out for Take Me Apart and check out Kelela’s “LMK” below!