what about your jewish children, ivanka? cognitive dissonance is a bitch

August 15, 2017
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It’s pretty clear to me that Donald Trump is a White Supremacist and a Nazi sympathizer. And his children, Jared and Ivanka, might not care about what that means for the rest of us, but what does that mean for their Jewish children?

Ivanka and her seen-not-heard step-Mother both tweeted out messages of condemnation for the terrorism we saw at the White Supremacy rally this weekend and that’s great and all, but what next? Having been one of the key figures in her father’s political success and often acting as a First Lady stand-in, we’re constantly told that Ivanka will be useful for moderating the President’s irrationality and callousness. So far, that hasn’t worked pretty much as tall. Instead of being totally complicit in supporting and endorsing the environment that is breeding normalized White Supremacy and Nazism, I ask Ivanka—why are you comprising the future safety, happiness, and quality of life of your children for the sake of your father’s career?

People are out here raising Nazi flags in your father’s name, chanting anti-semitic rhetoric at his behest, convinced that the Trump family is here to re-enforce White Supremacy that has been soo “hampered” by blacks and people like your Jewish kids and husband.

I know Ivanka doesn’t give an eff about my black ass, but she probably (?) cares about her children.  So, Ivanka, girl, I’m asking you to take a seriously powerful, historic stand against White Supremacy and pack up your shit, pack up the family, and go the fuck home.