illustrator christina lorre leads by example with stunningly detailed portraits

August 8, 2017
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The best artist is the one unafraid to set an example and become a teacher.

For illustrator Christina Lorre (@Rawsueshii), art is communal; and through tutorials, Q & A’s, and constant updates, fans and aspiring artists everywhere are granted the opportunity to learn and grow.

Not only is the internet artist generous with her talent, but the talent itself is incredible.

Whether capturing self-portraits, celebrities, or mystical creatures, the self-proclaimed artist/model/entrepreneur has unlocked the secret to modern artistry in a cyber world. Alternating from semi-realism to full on photoshop, her attention to detail and exaggerated features beautify whatever it portrays.

Spreading more black beauty across the mediums, Lorre moves from artist to mogul as her Youtube channel invited others to join the wave–sharing her tools and techniques with the public, inspiring and shaping others as passionate as her.

The drawings are beautiful, and the community is even better. Check out some Christina Lorre’s work below!