‘harriet tubman: demon slayer’ comic series is a middle-finger to white supremacy

August 16, 2017
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Your favorite revolutionary is back and taking on the comic world in writer David Crownson’s latest project Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer. Worlds collide as history takes the reigns in this new series–pushing the boundaries of medium, and personalizing Tubman’s story for a whole new audience.

It’s so important to know your roots, but for the up-and-coming generation, it may be difficult for reflection in this media-saturated society. Thanks to Crownson’s new series, the opportunity for inclusive, entertaining education takes on a whole new form.

Melding historical relevance with a modern frenzie opens up a world of possibility, allowing readers and audiences to digest the past in a culturally relevant setting.

The idea itself is as innovative as it is symbolic–dramatizing real-life events and translating Tubman’s “slaying” of antebellum demons during her service to the Underground Railroad, into a super ninja-warrior battling both oppression and mystical opponents.

Tinged with (appropriate) humor and interchanging dialect, the series hits home for some and engrossingly enlightens others.

Our story must be told in as many ways possible, there is a country-wide erasure attempt in place, aiming to take our experiences, our realities, and place them on the backburner of history. Thanks to creatives like Crownson, and ever-changing platforms like the comic book industry, fresh tales like Tubman’s “Slayer vs. Slaver” can extend to generations to come.

Check out the digital version of Harriet Tubman:Demon Slayer #1 here!