"Dead Identity"




hardcore legends burn indict selling out for fame in frenzied new anthem “dead identity”

August 11, 2017

It ain’t over til it’s over, and for NY-based legends to be, Burn, it never will be.

First forming in ’89, the hardcore group has since concreted their name on the scene, and are back with a bang with the release of their latest single “Dead Identity”. Preparing for the release of their fifth studio album Do or Die–a 10-track “melding of infectious melody, hook laden groove, and raw hardcore emotion”–the musicians offer a sneak peek worth following, exciting fans everywhere.

The track itself revs up from start to finish, keeping listeners energized and carrying out the style they’ve shaped over the past two decades. A crowd-pleaser with an infectious choral-like chorus, Burn’s familiar thrash vocals are fused with non-traditional chord progression and melody. “Dead Identity” forces audiences to rock and sway to a hardcore anthem with a vintage spin.

This track is far from blind, and the musicality is tangible as the studied artists do what they do best. Dripping with underlying consciousness and exciting composition, each switch-up draws us deeper into the track, so that by the 2:31 mark, we’re left on the edge, with no choice but to reflect and digest.

Whether you’re in the mood to mosh or experience a riveting contemplation, Burn’s “Dead Identity” is the answer to your craving–check it out below! And look out for the upcoming full-length Do or Die set to drop September 8th.