genderqueer artist mhysa drops a lyrical reverie with debut album “fantasii”

August 3, 2017
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Who needs labels? Certainly not multifaceted, genderqueer, and all out enticing artist Mhysa–aka E. Jane–with the release of their debut album Fantasii standing as the definition of genre defying artistry.

The versatile performer shares this latest work through the veil of alter ego, and as E. Jane takes on Mhysa–the self-proclaimed “Queer Black Diva and underground popstar for the cyber resistance,”–they introduce themselves as the creative beast they truly are. With a voice like silk that can turn to sandpaper, versatility is key to their brand, and just one of the many factors separating them from the mainstream.

With Fantasii, the 11-track reverie entrances listeners in dreamy instrumentals and reverbed vocals from the first echo to the last crash. A truly spiritual experience–in that their spirit is effortlessly tangible– the full length satisfies and excites as it travels from pop to rap to house and virtually anything in between. Sampling industrial vibes and paying homage to Queen B along with other industry royalty like TLC and Janet, Mhysa gives audiences an all-around listening experience.

Cannoned chants to spitting verses, this album has ALL the vibes for ALL the times.

Check out Mhysa’s debut Fantasii below!