digital illustrator chelsea geter brings the cyber canvas to life with whimsical portaits

August 9, 2017
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Media-based artistry is the wave right now, and the more accessible the internet and its softwares become, the more hidden talent is able to flourish.

North Carolina-based illustrator Chelsea Geter (@liquidxsin) is adding to the ranks of cyber creations with an impressive collection. Her acute attention to detail and enticing variation of pattern/texture make this artists’ portraits stand out from others in the medium.

The pieces are almost an illusion, as the bright, whimsical colors seem to jump from the screen, and the digital canvas comes to life.

Though she features subjects of all realms–from princess Tiana, to Downton Abbey characters, elves and fairies–the dynamics of Geter’s subjects of color are rich and enticing as their skin and overall aesthetic are granted beautiful representation.

In this day in age, the computerized market offers not only an artistic platform, but a support system as well. For freelance artists like Geter, one of the most overwhelming obstacles is stability, but with services like Patreon, financial support from the community paves a direct road to creative freedom.

Thanks to donations and voluntary Patrons, Geter is able to work on commissions and continue pursuing her life’s passion. All it takes is a dollar donation to track her progress and see upcoming projects come to fruition.

The journey of a freelance artist can be a baptism of fire, but with help from the community creating with ease and support is possible.

Check out favorite Chelsea Geter’s Patreon campaign, and see some of our favorite pieces below!