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brujos web series follows queer latinx witches surviving grad school and fighting colonization

August 2, 2017
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Missing American Horror Story: Coven, or just wishing it was less racist? You’re in luck! There’s a new coven in town, and it’s not only ran by witches of color, but queer ones!

BRUJOS is a “queer-of-color web series that follows four gay Latino grad students that are also witches as they try and survive the school semester and a witch hunt led by the wealthy, white, male and heteronormative descendants of the first New World colonizers.” Written and co-directed by Ricardo Gamboa, the show follows the coven as they use powers such as telekinesis and invisibility to fight white supremacy while trying to defend their theses.

The first four episodes of the show are available online now, but the creators are still raising money to finish the first season. Check out the pilot below!