black-owned fashion brand jeantrix revolutionizes streetwear with customized collection

August 9, 2017
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Fresh from Philly comes the answer to all your street wear prayers with crafty black-owned fashion collective Jeantrix Fashion.

Created in 2004 as a makeshift hobby, it’s since blossomed into a broader brand, offering rare “luxury apparel, canvases, sculptures and art installations.” There’s a re-emerging culture of craft-inspired fashion, and in pulling inspiration from icons like Grace Jones, Madonna, and Basquiat, the street style of a late 80s punk scene is revitalized and modernized.

Fashion becomes personal again as Jeantrix’s custom designs feed into the overwhelming culture of individuality that defines this era. Ripping, distressing, cutting, and painting their denim and leather products allows the pop-art influenced collective to combine mediums and set a fashionable example for young creatives everywhere.

Clothing is a lifestyle–filtering into popular art, entertainment, and demeanor. With the notion of “you are what you wear” dominating youth culture, Jeantrix is right on time, adding a provocative spin on craft fashion. Darning their products in graffiti and slogans like “Follow Your F**king Dreams” and “Money Talks”, customers are able to make a statement without saying a word.

With styles for all genders and children, this brand is gaining traction and marking its territory. And with their designs gracing the likes of Alicia Keys, Blue Ivy and Dr. Marten’s Footwear, the fashion world welcomes yet another force.

There’s something for everyone, so check out some of Jeantrix’s unique designs below!