video premiere: texas-born blues singer sugaray rayford spills his heart out in soulful “take me back”

July 6, 2017

Texas-born Sugaray Rayford started his music career at just seven-years-old, singing and playing drums in the church. These early gospel influences are extremely influential in his work today, even as Sugaray moved to comtemporary music 15 years ago when he joined the San Diego-based R&B/funk group Urban Gypsy’s as lead vocalist. His soulful voice found its place in blues music when he later joined the Temecula-area band Aunt Kizzy’z Boyz.

Nominated this year for the BB King Entertainer award at the 38th annual Blues Music Awards for Contemporary Blues Male Artist, Sugaray’s solo career is already making waves and building anticipation for his upcoming album The World We Live In, out September 1st. His latest single and video, “Take Me Back”, is a powerful gospel-infused blues anthem about heartache and trying to salvage what has been lost.

“The song is of loss and anguish–like a great old blues song! Have you ever been low in spirit? The deep hurt, the heartache of losing someone you love,” Sugaray explains. “If you just give me one more chance I’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy! Like many he doesn’t realize what he has till it’s gone.”

Check out the emotional video below!:

Director: Federico Catalano
Director of Photography: Marco Capriotti
Colorist: Federico Catalano
Art Direction: Luca Sapio & Olga Ribichini

Website: / Twitter: @Sugarayblues / FB