Fortune Shumba x Dubokaj

"Trinidad Babies"

Electro-pop | Reggaeton



south african singer fortune shumba gives sneak peek of new album with “trinidad babies”

July 17, 2017
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Up next in genre-defying artistry, is the return of South African singer Fortune Shumba– with his latest project in collaboration with acclaimed producer Dubokaj.

The project- titled “Dubokaj meets Fortune Shumba”- is the perfect combination of electro beat and a Kwaito-style flow, and we’ve been graced with a sneak peek of the upcoming album with the singer’s stand-out track “Trinidad Babies”- a dedication to black love of all forms.

The track can be categorized as a mixture of “Afro Dream Elektra”, indie, and modernized house fusion- as it travels throughout levels and textures- creating a concoction of melody. Starting off strong, and pushing through with a journey-inducing tempo and relatable, addictively cadenced lyricism; “Trinidad Babies” gets you in the mood to get moving.

In Fortune Shumba’s own words:

“The sound is electronic with traces of dub and reggae and everything sounds super chilled and relaxing. My lyrics vary from having boy crushes and openly speaking about it and infidelity in relationships – my own experiences or those of people close to me. But it’s all relaxed and playful and sometimes funny.”

This malleable artist raises the bar, producing a well-rounded listening experience, with the capacity to shift anyones mood, and state of mind. If this is what the single sounds like, we can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Check out “Trinidad Babies” below, and keep an eye out for “Dubokaj meets Fortune Shumba” soon to come.