self-taught illustrator marvin opuni kwabia revolutionizes the cartoon world with socially relevant portraits

July 28, 2017
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The internet is overflowing with undiscovered talent, and in coming across the emerging works of illustrator/cartoonist Marvin Opuni Kwabia (m.o.k_arts) we just had  to share.

This self-taught artist is taking cartoons to the next level, as he alternates from hyper-realism to the uber-exentuated features of the every-day black figure. With his professional use of texture and allusion to real-world circumstance, Kwabia’s work stands as a perfect addition to internet-bred artistry. Also branching to tackle topics of politics and black Queen/Kingdom, each piece is accompanied by a quote or phrase  to either educate or entertain.

Viewers are truly gifted with the whole package as the artists personality is tangible in each portrait, giving a personal,unique spin to an old art.

Check out some of Marvin Opuni Kwabia work below!