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Lips That Bite

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providence rock band downtown boys are back with head-banging new anthem “lips that bite”

July 18, 2017
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Rock is revolution in the eyes of Providence-based group Downtown Boys, and with the release of their latest single “Lips that Bite”, they succeed in further reshaping the genre.

The track itself is an exciting, emotion-filled anthem that gets the listener jumping and sweating from the first notes. It’s explosive, mosh-worthy rhythm, accompanied by a head-bangingly melodic talk-sing reminiscent of a young Joan Jett stands as the antidote to monotony and tradition.

The AFROPUNK alums produce more than music; their presence alone is activism. Each track is a protest, as they’re recognized for their powerhouse performances and active dedication to dispelling cultural “phobias” and “isms.”

Thanks to Downtown Boys and their latest song “Lips that Bite”, the Chicana, queer, and Latinx voice is getting its play in a white-washed medium, and the results couldn’t be better.

Look out for the release of their upcoming EPĀ “Cost of Living“out August 11th- along with their October UK-wide tour- and check out “Lips that Bite” below.