premiere: rock-soul artist denitia’s debut ep “ceilings” is an ode to personal liberation

July 21, 2017
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Get ready to meet your new favorite artist:

New york-based singer Denitia Odigie is entering the scene with a bang with the release of her debut EP “Ceilings“.

A 4-track long ode to personal liberation, listeners are gifted a truly enlightening experience in the soothingly energizing works of the self-proclaimed Rock/Soul performer. From the first track “Bound to Happen” to the very last seconds of “Planes”, Denitia’s exciting contrast of soothing vocals meets steadfast, confidence-boosting lyricism leaves audiences in a stupor and wanting more.

Art is almost always intimate, but with “Ceilings“- the intimacy is tangible and truthful, one that requires a vulnerability that only the most dedicated artists are willing to share.

A modern, electro-splattered take on an old genre, perfect for almost any mood, with relatable lyrics and feel-good melody: this EP is an award to summer 2017- don’t let it go to waste.

Check out “Ceilings” below!