'A Toes'


Astro Nautico


premiere: experimental-pop artist l’rain explores a full range of emotions on ‘a toes’

July 20, 2017
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A swelling orchestra of lush soundscapes and hypnotizing, layered melodies, multi-instrumentalist L’RAIN’s newest single ‘A Toes’ is beyond lovely. Soft spoken, at times, but pulsating with warmth, the track is a gripping roller coaster of unexpected sounds and emotions that are evident even before you know the song’s backstory.

Taken from her upcoming self-titled debut album, L’RAIN’s mother, Lorraine—who inspired the stage name, became suddenly ill and passed away during its production. “It’s almost like I caused her death in some way — the feeling is absurd, bigger than myself, a premonition,” says L’RAIN. The whirlwind of overwhelming grief, painful reality checks, and the separation from childhood levity manifests itself into the spectacular kaleidoscope that is ‘L’Rain’.

‘L’Rain’ is slated for release September 15 on ASTRO NAUTICO. Stream the album’s first single ‘A Toes’, below.