Sex & Gender

no matter what you think of blac chyna, no one should post her nudes without her consent

July 7, 2017

Blac Chyna has the right to control her image and sexuality. Subverting her right to do so in an attempt to exercise power over her in order to punish or humiliate is clearly an act that exists somewhere in the realm of rape culture.

Like so many men, when Rob Kardashian no longer had proximity or access to Blac Chyna, he acted out in a way that showed he could still assert power and dominance over her anyway. Against her will.

Posting nudes someone sends you on the internet to shame them or seek revenge is abuse. Flat out. Using someone’s sexuality to humiliate or control them is violence. And illegal.

There is no valid argument for abusing someone. It doesn’t matter what Blac Chyna did. And, of course, this is much bigger than Blac Chyna.

“Blac Chyna shows off her body anyway.” And? If you invite someone to dinner one night and the next night they break into your house to eat your entire kitchen while you’re asleep, the initial dinner invitation didn’t welcome all of that.

The most important factor here is choice. As a sex worker and sexual person, Chyna can choose how to express that sexuality any way she’d like to. But once someone takes away her choice and control over her sexuality, that act becomes non-consensual sexual exploitation. And that is never, ever okay.