haitian photographer zarita zevallos explores the diversity of masculinity in stunning photo series

July 21, 2017
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Zarita Zevallos is a Haitian Photographer based in New York. Having been taught photography from her father, she learned that she could use the art-form to show the raw and true faces of society, and her latest project, Kòktèl (cocktail in Haitian Creole), does just that. Kòktèl is an experimental photo series that beautifully explores of the diversity of Black masculinity.

“When you think of a cocktail it brings the idea of color, flavor and the experience of different elements blended together for a tasteful experience,” Zevallos says. “I wanted to visually express that with colors and movement.”

Zevallos uses the motif of thread to signify the feeling of being trapped as well as the idea of building ones identity. “The thread bending, crossing and extending around and over his body sometimes express the turmoil in which different men find themselves,” says the artist, “other times it represents the way men spin the web of their individuality.”

Part of the series are also the narratives of men across various gender expressions and sexualities and their relationship with masculinity. You can find their stories here, and take a look at the stunning images from Kòktèl below!: